For how long have you been around and is the band inspired by the Australian natives or why did you chose ULURU (Aboriginal for Ayer's Rock) as your bandname. Or is there a Turkish meaning that escapes my knowledge?

We have been active for 2 years with Uluru.We are firstly inspired by ''Earthless''s song ''Uluru Rock'',that's the first reason of the name ''Uluru''.And we read some stuff about the place,how the natives feel about the Ayers Rock!We all are amazed of that place because of the mystical and spiritual beliefs of the Aborgins.Some people call it the belly button of the world and its unique and wonderful. Lonely in the desert and filled with grace.Thats why we called the banned Uluru.We see our music the way the ''Ayers Rock'' stands in the desert!

Do you write songs at home or is it a process that happens when you jam as a band? How do you make sure ideas from rehearsals are remembered?

Actually there isn't any process of writing or scoring the songs! The riffs and the melodies just appear in the jam sessions and we make arrangements for that stuff after the jam. So it's more like improvisation. But of course there are some tracks which we wrote during the home sessions or when we are just chilling. But mostly with jamming. We record each of our sessions. Then we listen again and again and catch the music that comes good to ear and we work on it! Then it becomes the spine of a song!

How would you describe the scene in Istanbul and which Stoner, Doom or Psych bands would you recommend?

Istanbul is a hard place for a musician, Turkey is hard place actually! People are not so open minded for original music! There is a pop-culture overrule in Istanbul. On the other hand there are some really nice bands and musicians around. There not so many doom or stoner bands here! But to name a few: 'Humbaba, KES, The Ringo Jets, Cosmic Wings'' are some of the Turkish bands that we like alot!

How did you get in touch with Tonzonen from Krefeld, it's not really 'round the corner, is it?

Our Drummer Ümit Büyükyüksel was in military when he first contacted with Tonzonen Records. He was searching for some independent record companies and he came along with Tonzonen! It's quite nice to have record companies like Tonzonen which are supporting musicians like us.

Your sound reminds me of spiritual bands like OM or Zaum, are you spiritual beings yourselves or are you rather political? In which ways do you pursue these concepts?

We like Om and Zaum pretty much. We once contacted Zaum when they were planing to have a gig in Turkey! But then the occasions was not very suitable for the gig etc..Honestly, we are both political and spiritual. In a world like this it's not possible to be unpolitical. But we are mostly spiritual. The biggest concept of Uluru is being spiritual indeed. When someone asks what kind music we play,we answer it's like ''psychedelic/spiritual rock''.That's because we love to lose ourselves in the music we play.

The artwork is really great ... do you think every band should have a budget for artworks or what is your approach when you need flyers or shirt designs?

Thanks for the appreciation.and thanks to Kadir Kayserioglu for catching our spirit and putting it in visual. In my opinion artwork is one of the most important things for a band to explain themselves for the viewer or the audience. Because humans are visual creatures and we like to see good stuff first to attend our attraction. It's like buying a book just for the cover artwork. It's the first impression! And of course bands should have budgets for the artwork.Think about Pink Floyd without visuals.

Eroc from GROBSCHNITT mastered the record .. are you familiar with all those strange German Krautrock bands or which groups influenced ULURU?

Eroc has done some really good things about the mastering.We are so pleased.We are not very familiar with German band but we know a few of them like ''Amon Duul,Kraftwerk,Faust''.And to be honest they are pretty original. But we are mostly inspired by ''Earthless, Camel, Kyuss, Tool, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath''. I think we are creating a combination of them with our music!

Any wisdom you'd like to share with our readers?

To encourage the people and the musicians we just wanna say ''Do not lose your attitude and keep working''. Being empathic and sensual is the key to provide stuff that is lovable. Stay high!

Thomas Eberhardt