Did you borrow your name from the PIXIES or is there a French background to it that made you choose the name?

Kalach: We chose this name for two reasons. First, we are Pixies' s fans and their last album named "Trompe Le Monde" was amazing. Secondly, "Trompe Le Monde" means "cheat the world" in French and it was a good concept for us.
Ruby-e: We talk about lies, cheaters and dodgers either in our lyrics or in our live videos.
Olaf : Our name also takes reference of David Lynch's Mulholland Drive movie with the famous scene with Rebecca Del Rio in the Silencio Club.

How do you handle criticism? Whisky Soda, a German E Zine wrote a very bad review though the majority of reviews was good. At the same time your sound obviously wasn't the person's cup of tea and he also used very stupid comparisons.

R: The Google translation of that review was so ridiculous that we could easily handle it! I would love to convince him live in a powerful way.
K: We prefer of course when reviews are good but it's funny when someone like Whisky Soda doesn't understand anything in our irony... Another whisky, Mr. Soda?
O: Ich verstehe nur gutten reviews!

Your video for "sleeping super heroes" features miraculous transformations of everyday people into super heroes like Hulk and Wonder Woman. Do you read comics yourself and which ones are your favourite ones?

K: I used to read comics when I was a child and a teenager. There's a real mythology in it. My favorites are the new X-Men and Wolverine in particular. I love his savagery when he kills bad guys! Now, I love watching Super Heroes movies even if it's entertainment for a large public.

Was there any negative feedback concerning your last album's name? "American Way Of Lie" is confrontational? Could you explain what the song "super me" is about and whose idea it was because I like the message and the ironic undertones of it.

K: Our first album is named "American Way Of Lie" in reaction against the banking system and their famous slogan "American way of life". No negative feedback!
R: Even if Obama was elected, the title still suits to the American bankers way of ruling the world. And we follow…
O: Concerning “Super Me”, it was Kalach’s idea. It’s a song about unbridled plastic surgery and about the fact that everything (TV, magazines, celebrities) leads us to be a "Super Us". Did you never want to look like Barbie or Ken?

My first impression comparing the last and the current album is that the keyboards are much more important for "All in" would you agree to that statement? Was there a shift from rock towards synthie that happened intentionally?

K: That was our intention! We improved our sound on our current album "All in". We love electro as much as rock.
R: I think we finally found the good balance between both.
O: "All In" offers more melodies brought by vocals and keyboards.

I watched some footage of yours from French television. How come you were featured on television and is there a lot of media attention you get around Grenoble?

K: We played in all the famous festivals around Grenoble in front of the public and the music professionals.
R: We mostly have written press and we had sometimes some TV following us on important events.
O: I hope we'll play live for some good TV show one day.

I remember buying some French magazines when on vacation there. Is "Punkrawk" still around? I also remomber Rock One which was a pretty glossy magazine. Which magazines do you recommend?

K: Punkrawk doesn't exist anymore and Rock One is rather for younger people. I recommend personally the TV show named Tracks! Actually, we prefer to get information from Internet and Webzines.

What jobs do you work in to pay your bills and what are the goals for the band in 2012?

O: I'm a town hall worker in civil engineering. I build bridges.
R: I'm concert light designer and a kawaii and rock'n'roll jewelry designer. Check my website : I ship worldwide! :)
K: I work as independent IT trainer. The goals in 2012 are to give as more gigs as possible in Europe and to write the next album for the end of the year. K, O, R : visit and thank you for your support! See you live!

Merci pour l’interview et à bientôt.
Thomas Eberhardt