Considering the fact that many people seek asylum in Europe some black metal gigs have become quite a hostile place for people who support the issue. Have you made similar experiences? What is the general opinion on the topic in Norway/the doom scene?

No, can't say we have.. Don't have a clue if there's a general opinion about this or not. Rock is for all people. It's all about feeling free and let yourself go. Everyone should be able to experience that, no matter their background

Could you please explain the lyrical concept behind "Vargariis"?

Our lyrics tend to circulate around loss, death and the void felt in everyone's life.

Did you use any vocal effects on the new album? Which ones? How about equipment in general, any preferences?

Yeah, not sure what they're called, but we always use heavy reverb and delay on the vocals. We like them to blend into the sound, rather than being upfront in the mix. Yes! We do have preferences for sure. We're quite big gearheads, and wouldn't play on whatever amps at all. We love the tube sound, and play on several heads both of us. Our current setup is a custom built Matamp GTL, an old Simms-Watts 100w, bot paired with two vintage 412 cabs. An Ampeg SVT Cl and an old Sunn Beta bass. Paired with an 810 and a 215 cab.

The current record definitely has a jam-feel to it - especially "Pyre of the cloth" goes into that direction and even has a psychedelic vibe. How come?

Hard question. It was the first song we wrote for this record. There's no plan behind it. It just came through like this in our rehearsal space. We love to play heavy and slow, but it's refreshing to let go sometimes as well.

Where do you see your key inspirations, any books or films that inspired the current album or "Year Of The Burial" or "Red Eyes And Dead Skies"?

Those two albums are heavily inspired by the loss felt after our guitarist and friend, Jonas, passed away in 2009. It took us a while to get back on our feet, and those two records are the outcome.

Joona Hassinen (Griftegård) recorded the album with you in Sweden. How was working with him and what do you think are the three most essential things to consider before entering a studio?

Joona was an amazing engineer, and extremely easy-going, but spoke up when necessary. On top of this he is super fast, with a very good ear. We look forward to working with him again. For us it's important to have played the songs live a good amount of times, at least it was this time. This helps us capture the live-feeling we're always looking for on tape. So the first thing would be to feel confident about the material set for recording. To have good gear is also crucial, especially for bands in our genre. Point three would be beer. If you don't enjoy yourself, you don't perform well.

You recorded "Red Eyes And Dead Skies" with legendary producer Billy Anderson. Did he teach you some techniques tha tyou continued using … could also be mental aspects…

That was our second time recording with him.. And yeah, he taught us things about drum sound, and to maybe keep the take that feels best, even if it's the first. He's also a master or word-play, and brings a lot of humor to his surroundings. Which eases the atmosphere. That is very important. One should never be too serious about music.

You've been around a while and currently bands with a lot of show effects are the latest thing … what are the elements of your live shows and have you ever worked with projectors or any other devices to impress the audience?

Yes, the last year we have used projectors, when the venue allows it.. We've also used some hooded mannequins from time to time, and we cover our cabs with our logo..

Which bands from the Oslo area are currently on the rise and which would you recommend?

Our drummer is bashing skins for Hymn, a two-piece who will release their debut album later this year. They absolutely crush. By far the best band to come out from Oslo. Check them out.

THX for doing this.

Thank you for showing interest in our band, and keep supporting the underground.

Thomas Eberhardt