You use mythological aspects in the artwork of your current album. How does mythology affect you on a daily basis? … I mean is it still present in Greece? Do people still perceive Diana as the goddess of chastity?

Truth is it's more occult and esoteric aspects than mythological. The idea of the cover is based on the Tarot. There are places in Athens where you can smell the ancient air and walk through the ancient forests. Some things are boundless and doesn't really matter what people believe.

You rather kept it to yourselves that Fotis used to be in SEPTIC FLESH … it would have been legit to use stickers to enhance your popularity, I mean SEPTIC FLESH have been around a very long time?!

Our music has influences from many music genres… death metal is not one of them! Fotis is our lead singer - not our drummer, so this would be useful to an extreme metal band where he would play the drums!

Your style is very diverse. What are your main influences on the current album? TOOL, DREDG … anybody?

It's a really hard to say. They're so many! Everyone of us is listening to hundreds of bands. Led Zeppelin , Metallica, Motorhead, Spiritual Beggars, Tool, Alice in Chains, Pantera, Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, Meshuggah and Pearl Jam are inly a few to mention

Dredg was quite a good guess, our drummer loves them. Imagine a spontaneous combination of all of them while we jam and that's the result of our first album.

You shot a very disturbing and creepy video for "Save me" did you have some influence on it who came up with the idea to have those masks and make it look a bit like a TOOL clip?

The scenario of the video came up from one of Fotis's dreams. If you think it looks like Tool, no we didn't do it on purpose ;)

You also seem to be very active as far as endorsement deals go and you also were at the Musikmesse Frankfurt 2014. What are general opinions on gear and which brands do you endorse?

Each band uses whatever gear works best for their sound so it's very important to have endorsement deals with brands you really like and they support you. We are endorsed by Randall amps, Knaggs guitars, Gruvgear, Mapex drums, Seymour Duncan, Providence, Darkglass electronics.

_Does you bandname originate from a Hendrix quote or how did you come up with it and what is the main idea behind it?

Spot on! The main idea came out of the Hendrix song but after a bit of brainstorming we saw the number 69 as a Ying Yang concept. A combination of opposites and contrasts. That's the main idea of Sixfornine.

You seem to mainly share the stage with bands that have a certain reputation like SPIRITUAL BEGGARS, NIGHTSTALKER, MONSTER MAGNET just to name a few. How do you get these gigs and do you think it is important to be associated with strong bands only?

We were just invited by the promoters to open for these great bands. Ofcourse it helps to be associated with strong bands but it's not the only thing that matters. We've also played many gigs with local bands we appreciate.

Considering that Fontis used to play in SEPTIC FLESH, is there a lot of pressure on SIX FOR NINE to be successful and if how do you deal with it?

No there's is no such pressure. Sixfornine is all about making music that will bang your head. That's the real success!

Thanks for the interview

Thanks Thomas, hope to see you on tour soon! Pete Outfox (Drums) / George Kapa (Guitar)