the scandals

Your first album "The Sound Of Your Stereo" is dedicated to "anyone who ever stepped foot into 198 Orient Street" what kinda place is it? Why is it so important to you guys?

That was a house that we all spent a lot of time in and practically grew up in when we were in our early years as a band. We learned about friends, over indulgence, and music and it was a place we knew no matter what time it was there would be someone there. It's a cornerstone in the person I've become.

The cover of "Time Machine" shows a guy walking into the ocean with a brick around his waist. Pretty tough shit. How come you chose this cover are there lyrics connected to suicide?

It's actually not connected to suicide at all. The record and it's cover are symbols of a start and end of a point in time. Side A (or after) of time machines contains an EP with the newest members of The Scandals, while side B (side before) contains an EP of old members of the band. So the entire idea of the record is traveling through time when you flip the record from one side to another. The cover signifies the end of one thing which will lead to the beginning of another.

Do you have a special rehearsal regimen? What do your rehearsals look like?

We try to get rehearsals in at least once a week. It's pretty lowkey, we get in there and run the set and then jam anything else that we're feeling. Nothing too crazy.

I found your rooftop video "Second Thought" on YOU TUBE and it was sponsored by Red Bull how did that happen?

Red Bull Sound Select has been an extremely supportive program. They've allowed us to do some amazing things like record, those videos, and even travel. We're extremely fortunate to be a part of that.

I especially like the line "as time goes by, we lose our minds" from "Losing Teeth" which is about a person coming for a poor background and not making it. It sounds like you blame society to a certain extent.

That's an interesting song because it's one of the only ones I wrote as a story. It was more geared toward how you have these choices in your life that can lead you down two very different paths. I'm not sure I was blaming society as a whole, but I was definitely narrating the life of someone who took the wrong path and got into some trouble.

Your album "The Sound Of Your Stereo" was mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music. He does plenty of Hc/Punk records ... have you met him personally, what's he like?

I haven't met him personally but I think he did a great job on the record. We recently had him remaster it for vinyl.

You also play solo shows, recently with Blake from Jawbreaker. Is there also a record available and do solo efforts rather ease band tensions or create them, what do you think?

My solo record actually just came out in support of a current US tour with Frank Iero and the Cellabration. It will be available soon in Europe. I don't think the solo stuff creates band tensions at all. I play a Scandals song or two on these tours and I also sell Scandals merch. Solo tours have opened the door to the band to many people who have never heard it before so I think it all works out for the best.

Are you working on a new full length? Your first is sold out and there is only the Euro-CD "Time Machine" which probalby isn't available stateside. Any details you can already reveal?

We recorded an EP last year with Brian Fallon that will be released this coming year. Other than that we are currently working on a new LP.

Thanks, ThEb