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Your album "Commodor" has been out a while now. What are the reactions like?

Hi everybody, yes the album came out last march for GoDown Records, followed by a little tour all over the Italy. We've been playing lot of gigs during this year, people at the shows reacted pretty good, the reviews seems good to, so we can proudly say that we are all satisfied.

Massimo Recchia from OJM/Go Down Records produced the album and I was wondering what kind of studio Mellowsong Studio is?

Mellowsong is a little studio where we recorded the first "ep". From the friendship that grew between us and the two guys, Matteo and Paolo, we decided to record our first album "Jungle" and even our new fresh product "Commodor", the last one with the help of Max. He recorded a lot of albums, so he gave us some very important tricks to use in a recording session, because entering a studio is always difficult and hard. There are different ways to get the best outcome.

Is it correct that you recorded the record live not using different tracks on the board? In retrospect, what are the advantages and drawbacks of that method?

We decided to record this way to catch the real live experience. The advantages are that you can play in the same room, you can see your mates, so you can create the mood, the ambience and every fucking needed feeling!! Drawbacks? Mistakes are not allowed.

You play heavy blues and also have some stoner influences. I'm under the impression that the scene in Italy is brilliant for that … is it possible to play many shows in your region?

No, unfortunately it is hard to play our kind of music in Italy, it is difficult to keep on playing every week. Few clubs, few people involved, SIAE, quite critical ahaha. So we are looking for a booking agency, hoping to play all around europe..

You recently played a show with Brant Björk and Italy in general Italy seems to have a very good connection with the KYUSS guys, how come?

Yes, we played together at Bloom, it was very cool because a lot of our favourite stoner songs came out with him. We don't know why but bands like kyuss, fu manchu and queens of the stone age are quite appreciated in Italy, the only problem is that stoner rock is really underground, so only lovers like it.

Are already writing on a new record? What will the material be like?

At the moment we are working on an acoustic session, that probably will be recorded as soon as possible, a review of some tracks taken from "Jungle" and "Commodor."

One of your songs is called "Funiculì into the tetrapak". What the hell does that mean? I think there is a popular traditional called "Funiculì, Funiculà" motivating people to use the aerial passenger line at the Vesuv…

ahahahahhahah, it was a kind of joke, we were on the couch, very happy ahah, singing a typical Italian song, so we chose the chorus as the title of the track without any logical link..but it sounds good, it sounds sooooooo fucking good!!ahahahah

Lino Stefani did the artwork for "Commodor" - how did you get in touch and did you give him the album in advance or did you have a precise idea for the cover?

Lino Stefani is the father of our guitar player Mattia, we thought about an idea for the artwork, spoke to him and after few days, during a rehearsal he arrived with the artwork made, and it was super.

"Better man" has a very nice slide guitar intro, reminds me a bit of Stevie Ray Vaughn … could you name the players who actually inspired you? Well, drums and bass are also invited to contribute.

Yes, we listen to SRV, but rather occasionally. We love all the blues tradition, especially the delta blues, slide guitar ecc..the '70 rock, like Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, also some Funky music, Jack White, then Stoner, Red hot chili peppers, Rage against the machine...we are a big mix!!

Thanks for the interview