What does the album's title "Vergentis In Senium" mean... my Latin is rusty. How did you come up with it?

Krys : In English the title means 'on the decline', it's the start of inquisition's rules. A sad period of human history.

The artwork is really amazing. What do you think, how much money should musicians invest into a decent record artwork? What other artworks has Dehn Sora done?

Krys : The money is not the real purpose, what is the most important for an artist is that having a good artworks and visual to reflect our musical universe. Dehn Sora is a great artist, he worked with Amenra, Treha Sektory, Ulver, Blut aus nord and many others...

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"Savonarole" features a crazy free jazz saxophone by Renaud from MONSTRE. How did you get in touch in the first place and how did you integrate the instrument?

Raph: Renaud is a friend, we know him since a longtime. When we had the idea on our songs to take saxo, his name directly like an evidence has coming. Renaud knows Nerv and he had said yes really quickly. He came straight into the studio and he completely improvised on the morceau.nous have hardly had to direct it. It was magical.

Your music reminds me of early THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, BOTCH, CONVERGE, COALESCE and other mathcore bands that started out in the nineties. You've also been around for a while. How important is ones musical socialization?

Krys: We listen all the time a lot of music, we have a lot of influence but Dillinger and Botch are the most important for us. But Kruger, Knut are famous for us too.

You have been around since 2005. How do you manage to get along as musicians, deal with financial issues, setbacks and the likes?

Raph: You have to be perseverant and strong. There were ups and downs in relations between members of the group but there ' never was a departure due to human conflict. Despite many line up changes (which cost us some time ) and an almost nonexistent cashflow, we have always fought to keep Nerv alive and carry on with our project.

Was there a time in your history when you had two guitars?

Raph: No !!! two guitarist in Nerv is a not a really good thing because our music is complexe and two guitars sometime is hard to manage this. We tried for a few repetitions to play 2 guitars but it was not great.

I'm not quite sure but it seems you live many kilometers apart. Some of you guys seem to live close to Paris, others close to Geneve. How often do you rehearse?

Krys : We practice by period, since one week. It's important to practice but the distance sometimes is very hard. With cubase and different soft we can work a lot for the future composition.

What are your lyrics generally about and were there any lyrical transitions considering you former records?

Krys : All our album speaks about inquisition's story in different century. Vergentis in Senium had a lot of anger, and a strange echos of the world problem, the religion all the time make war around the world. Our album is a manifesto against war, religion and fanatics.

Any recording advice for greenhorns?

Raph: Firstly, it's important to work hard for the music before start session's records. Then you have to show a lot of patience , calmness and concentration when taken .you must also find the right sound engineer to record that will enhance your music.

Thanks, guys

Thomas Eberhardt