For how long has the band been around? Any previous releases that are available from you guys, singles or stuff?

It started in 2006 , at the beginning it was just about jamming and havin fun so it took a long time before we recorded our first album. Angel Lust is our third record, "Holy shit" came first in 2009 and we released a 4 songs LP "Drug queens" in 2011 ( it is sold out by now.....) .

Stoner and Doom currently have a revivial as far as the genre goes … having been through all that plastic high end studio productions people seem to want genuine things rather than triggered drums n shit… it's hard to see the size of the issue though but even Hellfest booked SLEEP… so do you notice that there are more people interested in your music?

I don't know....I think productions have been too far with da triggs and all this shit, so people want to hear real sounds, warm with feelings ( I want it too ). And yes I think there s a revival, each year da doom/stoner/sluge scene is bigger everywhere like as the Hellfest, and even in France more people come to our shows and I'm not complaining haha.

Some of your songs deal with broken relationships, crazy girls and guys actually killing their pets with a baseball bat… are all these stories true? Are your lyrics autobiographical or are they pure fiction?

Our singer Reuno writes all the lyrics, and actually this is pure fiction for all of those, I hope cause if not I would be scared to play with a crazy fucker fucked up guy like the guys in thoses songs.He creates his stories based on movies he saw, he s really into road movies and western movies.

Which bands had an influence on MUDWEISER? The vocals sometimes sound as if it's Wino from SAINT VITUS. Some songs have a psychedelic edge to them…"Black bird" is rather a country/cajun track.

We all listen to different stuffs but i think da biggest influences are Black Sabbath, Skynyrd, Kyuss , Down...the thing is that we always jam so nothing is can be bluesy or psychedelic or fuckin heavy we don't mind about that,if we think it's good we keep it.

Sven Pohlhammer has provided some additional guitars and actually is quite a well known musician, he plays in PARABELLUM, doesn't he? How did you get in touch with Sven?

He is actually a close friend with Reuno ( our singer) they know each other for a long time, so he invited him to play some melodies on angel lust , and of course we all agreed.

What's the music scene like in Montpellier? Are there some venues close enough the play plenty of shows? What are other bands from the area you like?

Montpellier is not a big city so we have like 3 places to play, but thats enough i think and there s shows almost every night. I think we have a very good scene with very different bands like Marvin ( very famous noise band ) , Verdun ( killer Doom hxc) , Stuntman ( Brutal Hxc) , Ofo Am ( stoner) , Renfield ( brutal Hxc), Morse (pure violence) , Under the sun ( post hxc) and many more, and we are all friends so I can tell you parties are fun !

Touring has become quite a difficult matter for smaller bands since promoters always prefer to have the big shots and like to hire pay to play bands. Do you have a booker or are things better in France?

Things are getting harder year after year, but we actually find places to play anyway. Abel our boss from Head Records books a lot of shows for us with Reuno,and we play with 7 WEEKS, our friends from France, as much as we can , and so this is easier to find shows together .

According to your label Head Records your former bands were EYELESS and Reuno is/was active in LOFO (is that an abbreviation?) Any releases there?

I used to play in EYELESS with Ole ( guitarist) for many years, I don't know if the band is still active, no news for a long time.We made something like 4 albums in a hardcore metal style. I think you can find it in some blogs, and reuno is still da Lofofora's singer since I think something like 20 years now....unbelievable

"Angel Lust" is actually available on vinyl. Do you collect vinyls yourself or how come you undertook the expensive effort to press a vinyl double LP?

I am a big vinyl fan, so i can tell i am so fucking proud to have a d ouble one of my band !And i think it is very important to press vinyls to have a material object of art, not just mp3 and digital things.

Jay, thanks for doing this.

Thomas Eberhardt