Obviously you have two new vocalists (Julien Deyres) who also sings for GOROD and Theo Holander who plays with you live. Why did "Nemphis" leave the band? Did it happen on amiable terms?

Kriss: Nemphis left the band for professionals reasons. We stayed friend, indeed, he created the artwork of "Die for humanity ". To this day I heard he is getting married and is living in the USA. Matt: And now Theo is our lead singer and he will write new songs with us.

Die For Humanity features some insane drumming. How does Theo keep up with this high level when playing live, sounds like he's constantly playing blastbeats

Theo (Drummer): We can hear a lot of blast beat in Die For Humanity but not all the time, I think it's because our sound is influenced by modern death metal. Indeed to play my drum part I must practice every day. The secret for playing long blast beat is to be the more relaxed as possible during live or when you practice.

What are the lyrics on Die For Humanity about? Unfortunately there is no lyrics sheet to be found with the cd.

Kriss: I wrote the majority of lyrics but I don't have a good level in English. Julien "Nutz " Deyres corrected it during recording but now that I'm surrounded by the other members, this will change for the next album. For example the starting idea for Die for humanity is the story of Pavlov’s section who stopped the Nazis in Stalingrad during World War II, I just replaced the Russians by Humans and Nazis by Zombies. The title “Die for humanity” comes from Russian battle cry "Die for Russia” Eye of troll comes from the Troll Hunter movie with a twist to the story, introducing a Christian Lady, attacked by that huge beast.

You recently switched to nine string guitars which is pretty insane. Does this make you play in a more percussive style or which are the developments you perceive when switching from a regular guitar to a nine?

Matt: Before we got nine strings guitars, we were playing on eight strings ones. The transition between those two was pretty easy. We wanted to have a more percussive playing because Master Crow’s music is very rhythmic and metronomic. But we wanted to expand our possibilities of riffing and musicality too. Having this instrument between our hands allowed us to explore other sides of the guitar playing, with more tapping riffs, more atmospheric parts that we can play in a different way compared to playing it with a regular guitar. Beside, we want to explore new sounds, deeper and lower notes which goes perfectly with the bass sound

Just for the record is your guitarist actually the father of your drummer? That's quite unique. How do you deal with the age gap? Does it mean the younger guys are more serious or the older gentlemen like being premature?

Kriss : There is just one thing about the age gap, I am the only one having a driver license ! (but not for too long I hope !) I'm fortunate to be surrounded by a great team of musicians that help me to improve myself. I like it when they bug me. B But thanks my great age, I have a greatest undergone and I have more plans for the future I think.

Which moments as a band stand out when you have a retrospective on the last ten years?

Matt : Once we played a show in St Dizier. It’s a tiny town far far away in France… And when we first arrived in this city, we saw a guy spread on the road. I’m sure he was drunk… We were like

“Oh God this is going to be a great gig !” And we were right, this was the most epic show we did ! It was in a pub. There hadn’t any stage, the public was unleashed (and drunk, but whatever…), and at the end of the show, there was a massive beer pool on the floor, and people still danced on some disco music. Yeah, it was fun…

How did you manage to maintain the band over months with little or no activity?

Tom: When there aren't much gigs or event during a few months, we are still talking about the band and things to do on facebook. Moreover, because we live close to each other, we can easily meet to do a rehearsal or just organize things.

Do you always set certain goals with the band or is a booker in charge and makes sure you play plenty of shows. How do you avoid becoming rehearsal warriors?

Matt : For the research of shows, we have a friend. He is like a booker, he is helping us a lot and in 2015 he found us plenty of shows. But now, we would like to play less shows, but bigger. For example in 2016, we played with Gorod and TANK, two great French bands, it was another level than playing in pubs or smaller places. But usually when someone proposes us a gig, we don’t refuse it. Haha, we avoid becoming rehearsal warriors by rehearse once a week two weeks before the show. There was a period where we rehearsed all the weekends but now we know our set on our fingertips!

Thomas Eberhardt