First of all, "The Soul Comes Back To Boogie" is a fantastic album, thanks for recording this gem. Conny Ochs designed the cover and he also contributed backups on your last record. How did you guys meet?

LU: I met Conny when he was on tour with Wino 4 years ago. We immediately got along well, cause we have a good understanding. A year later, while I was recording my first solo album, I asked him to sing a song together.

I'm also a big fan of SMALL JACKETS and I was wondering if you could compare recording "Cheap Tequila" in Sweden with your lastest recording process

LU: While I was recording my last record, I used the same process I was used to, meaning recording drums, bass and guitars live, while voices, solos and other keyboard arrangements were overdubbed. I find it the best solution to capture the right moment, cause itīs more straight.

Why exactly did SMALL JACKETS break up?
LU: The other guys wanted to get into a more heavy sound, while I was in the mood for a minimal sound, connected to blues, country and soul music.

The current record sounds amazing as well any recommodations considering studio work? What do you think is most important? Do you use plugins or always mic up the amps?

LU: I donīt like plugins and I believe in mickinīup amps and use mics able to catch the surrounding. I also like using analogue equipments regarding reverbs and delay.

If you had to name ten records that inspired your band most … which ones would that be?

Closer to Home - Grand Funk Railroad Gimme Back my Bullet - Lynyrd Skynyrd Rock On - Humble Pie On the Beach - Neil Young Ssssh - Ten Years After Laid Back - Gregg Allman Hallelujah - Canned Heat Slayed - Slade Homewreckers And Heartbreakers - Quireboys Sticky Fingers - Rolling Stones Rubber Soul - The Beatles I could mention many more...

Is it true that you initially were a drummer and then aquired guitar and singing skills? When exactly did that start? Do you sometimes still play the drums or think of a beat when you write a song?

LU: Itīs very true! I started playing the drums at the end of the ī80, with a cover band. Then, in the ī90, I played with a garage band called The Hairy Fairies. I used to sing as backing vocals at the time, but I always felt the need to sing. I started as a self-taught and now Itīs been 15 years since I sing and play my guitar. I only play drums while I compose and record. Indeed, in The Soul Comes Back to Boogie, I played drums on several songs.

Some of the songs on "Voices, harmony and silver strings" were composed using a piano. Did you do this again on any particular song of "The Soul Comes Back To Boogie" as well?

LU: "Voices, Harmony, Silver Strings" was the first record in which I introduced the piano, together with some friends who play piano. Together with my friend who plays bass and keyboards, El Xicano, we did the piano, Hammonds and more arrangements on The Soul Comes Back to Boogie.

What is the scene like in Cesena? What kind of audience do you attract?

LU: Most of the people in Cesena are attracted by Indie Rock music. Only a small part of the people like a more traditional kind of Rock. Concerning my audience Iīm quite satisfied. There is a good response, especially in Northern Italy. I hope to come to Germany in the future.

How would you describe the three guys that play in the band with you. Which traits do they have and do you need tension sometimes, a certain polarity to reduce results?

LU: I feel I am really lucky because I have found good friends and great musicians. We share the same taste in music and the same attitude.

Thanks for doing this and keep on rocking.

LU: Thanks to you for the passion and your interest. Keep on rocking.

Thomas Eberhardt