lower class brats

You're going on tour with the legendary CIRCLE JERKS, how did you get the opportunity?

LCB has some crazy idea of using a booking agent for a good source of promising tours and the like, possibilities are many. Maybe we won a bet in Las Vegas? Maybe they drew our name out of a hat? None of those. Truth is Crawlspace Booking landed LCB the opportunity. Thank Bog above for Ronflict!

You come from the same city as MDC, did they influence you guys or where do you see your inspiration?

Old bands from the 70's have driven the Devil from their heads! Or, maybe it is the other way around. I think there are many songs that mirror a lot of what was being done decades ago. LCB just grew up on a lot of it and it spews out of their amps as a kind of retro rock n roll punk.

Bands right now seem to be the very opposite of LCB, what do you think about the current music scene and its message?

A message? LCB doesn't have a message! As for other bands I cannot say. It is good to be the underdog, which is exactly what LCB is. Being different is good, especially when it comes to music.

Some of you songs deal with orphanage and having no family, is that just an image or does one of you have no parents?

Actually, Marty was raised in the Great Wilds of North Texas by grey wolves. Bones felt Marty abandoned him at the tender age of 2 when Mother wolf carried him away! Bye bye Marty!!! Now he's back and if you ever catch a glimpse in his eyes, you'll see the fury of a thousand terrors ready to attack! As for the other guys, no one really knows their story. A great big mystery it is.

Is punk kind of a family for you and do you think that communal feeling still exists in today's scene?

Of course! It's the same great comraderie here in The US as it is in Europe or Asia for that matter. It's great such a large diverse group of fuck-ups can come together. Don't you think?

You've just released "The New Seditionaries", your new record. What did you think about the record listening to it with some distance? What do you like about it?

From the first hours of recording it till' now, it's been great. It is just another step up in musical progression and it is something all the boys can be proud of. I know all 4 of them contributed to the "wolf-like" quality of its ferocity.

You've released Rather Be Hated Than Ignored in 1998, The Plot Sickens in 2000, A Class Of Our Own in 2003 and The New Seditionaries in 2006, how do you spend the time between recording and touring? What do you work, how do you kill your time?

Everyone works. Clay is Security at a bar. Bones designs 4 star food for mass consumption, EVO teaches, and Marty is an adopted den-mother for Pack 115.

If you had to characterise the other guys in the band (and yourself) in a few words, which ones would you chose?

Bones: part whiskey, part cartoon. EVO: borderline insanity, but in a fun way. Clay: Aaarrrgghhh serious skin hitter. Marty: a lovable grey wolf that walks on two feet.

In P.G.L. you mention the city of Aachen, does being on tour provide opportunities when one is stuck or does it tend to ruin one when there are problems back home?

Stuck? Oh, you must mean as a source of song writing inspiration. Being on tour and experiencing different people, cultures, and musicians, significantly amplifies everyone's take on life. It definitely provides lots of ideas for relay to the public what it is, as a band, to be punk.

Some people might not have heard about TKO could you tell some details about the label and how you got together and what you have in common?

TKO is based in Huntington Beach, California. They have been producing some of the best US/worldwide real punk for a decade. TKO is a great friend and provides one of the band with raw meat for feasting(hint hint, Marty!) They have been friends with TKO for many years and it feels sooo good, like an orgasm almost, to continue to be part of that team.

Any chances of seeing you guys in Europe soon (maybe with the CIRCLE JERKS?) Europe 2007!

LCB will be hitting the shores of Germany(oh, wait a minute, Germany is a land-locked country, so they will have to "drop-in"), in June. Varius Booking has all the details as well as the LCB my space thing and the official website- lowerclassbrats.net.

Thomas Eberhardt