Your band used to have its headquarters in France, then you moved to America and were active there for a couple of years. What are the positive experiences you made in the US and why did you eventually return to Europe?

Lo "Patrón" Data: When Frenchman, Nevada came out in 2002 the band had split up. I moved to Fort Lauderdale and set up the band over there with Adam Keller and Mike Shaw. We started recording, we toured and eventually I came back after 3 years. I found new musicians for the band, and we played together for 6 or 7 years. During that period we released Rodeo Ghettoblaster, our 2nd album that I'd started recording in the USA and finished in France. Eventually 2 years ago, the band was on a break, I moved to L.A and had the oppportunity to record a new album. Turns out Alain Johannes was interested in producing it and so I called up several musicians that had played in the band. some came, others couldn't. Today we're based in Paris but who knows for how long.

Your new album is called "Double Disco Animal Style" and I'd say it is rather based on rhythms than riffs. Is there a special approach that you pursue when writing a new song or do you just have an indredible drummer and a gifted bass player who make things groovy afterwards?

Lo "Patrón" Data: Rythm and melody. I love riffs, but I'm not a construction worker. Putting riffs onto riffs on top of more riffs to erect a building of riffs that people can shake their hair to isn't my way of writing music. That's why alot of stoner rock bands bore the shit out of me. I like melody. Until I find the right vocal melody, and that can sometimes take years, well until then, to me, there is no song. Once I have it, I have the band listen to it, and we sart working on it together. I've always been very difficult when it comes to drummers. So yes, I'm pretty sure I can say that I've had amazing drummers in the band as well as great bass players. I'm a not a big metal fan. I like it when things swing. When you can move your hips to the sound. I like it when a song makes you want to dance, shake your booty, make love. So it has to groove!

Actually it is pretty hard to discover French bands when you're living in Germany, even though the ones I've heard are ahead of the game most of the time. Do you think the German market is even more competitive than France or Spain or is it the language barrier? How come French groups are still such a secret here?

Lo "Patrón" Data: There are many great German bands. And they probably would like to go international just like most French bands dream of. You guys just don't need more competition. I can understand that. I don't think there's much of a language barrier since most European bands sing in English, although alot of them don't even speak it.

You play in Paris a lot and I've heard some French bands complain that it's hard to make it if you don't come from there. Do you have a booker and do you think success depends on what region you're from?

Lo "Patrón" Data: Well we play a bit everywhere. Not particularly in Paris. We have alot of friends in bands that are outside of Paris and that manage very well, some way better than us. Seven weeks for example tour extensively and they're from Limoges. So I'm not really sure being in Paris is that much of an advantage. You just have to work your ass off to make it happen.

You recently posted a picture of Nick Oliveri's Mercedes after a crash he had and were scheduled to play with him a few days later. Did the gig take place, is Nick fine again and how did you guys get in touch in the first place?

Lo "Patrón" Data: Nick's fine. Lucky but fine. And yes the gig happened. He came on stage to sing Hanging Low with us. It was a great moment. I've known Nick for over 10 years now. He's a good friend that I met through Adam, our drummer when I moved to Florida ten years ago. Nick was in L.A when we recorded Double Disco Animal Style so of course Nick had to lay down some vocals. He also wrote a song for the band called Data Generator on which Hoss Wright, Mondo Generator's drummer played as well as Alain on bass. Unfortunately we didn't have time to finish the tune. Hopefully we'll do that sometime soon.

Your style is quite unique and many differences can be found in your music. What groups and albums influenced your style? Some FAITH NO MORE, BOTANICA and PLEASURE FOREVER in there?

Lo "Patrón" Data: I didn't want to limit myself to a certain style. That's the mistake I made on the former albums. I didn't care if it sounded like Loading Data or something else. I wasn't worried that people might find it different from what we did before. I wasn't even sure when we recorded the album that I'd release it under the name Loading Data. Whether we were stoner, desert rock, pop, lounge, disco, electro, industrial...... blah blah blah.... I couldn't care less. Alain had alot to do with it. We listened to all the songs I'd written these past years and we picked them together. We recorded over 20 songs. And in the end only kept 15. So many bands have influenced my songwriting over the years, and so many aren't rock at all. In the end not much stoner rock in my playlist.

Some of your songs deal with submission, dominiation, human relationships in general and the sleazy parts of it as well. In how far did you have to leave "the comfort zone" in order to create real art like you do now?

Lo "Patrón" Data: This album is darker, for sure. Alot had to do with deceipt, disappointment. People who aren't who you thought they were: friends, family, love. There was alot to talk about. I still have plenty to say so I guess we'll have to record a new album soon.

I just noticed you've been on tour with MUDWISER whom I've also had the pleasure to interview recently. Could you name everybody's bad habits that make touring a little bit more exciting and hard to cope with?

Lo "Patrón" Data: It's the second time we tour with Mudweiser with Seven Weeks as well. We all released our new albums at the same time. A great tour with great guys. Can't wait for us to do it again. Well there's alot to say about the boys! Jay, Mudweiser's bassist has a bad habit of picking other people's noses and eating what he finds in them. Reuno, the singer, likes to run around naked in the streets at night. Xav, the drummer, likes to wear make-up before sleeping all dressed up in bathtubs filled with banana jelly. Ol, the guitar player, I'm afraid I can't talk about it here. But in the end it, it never interfered with the touring. It always went really smoothly.

Thomas Eberhardt