Could you please fill the readers in on your history and back catalogue? When did you start the band and how often have you toured Europe???

The band started in 2008, with some old mate in love for rock'n'roll, you know Lil' Richard, THE STOOGES, MC5 and SONICS. Our releases are: 1rst album -(vinyl-cd) 3bombs over berlin- by area pirata records italy.
Violent years (cd) feat. Brian Auger, by Go-Down records Italy.
Wolf Inside!(vinyl - cd) Adrenalin Fix records (France)&Go-Down records Italy.
Many different 7inch splits produced by area pirata.
We've toured Europe several times, since the beginning, still touring now, all over Europe. Germay, France, Belgium, Holland and Spain,OK,in the rnr underground club circuit and some festival,as Cosmic Trip festival France,and we opened for cool bands & mates as THEE OH SEES, FLESHTONES, LORDS OF ALTAMONT and THE CYNICS.

Brian Auger played the organ on your last album "Violent Years" and he's quite famous for having played in TRINITY who had big success with "Season of the witch" and "Road to cairo". How did you meet Brian and how come he got involved?

Yes of course,we love Brian,is a cool man, we really enjoy having him in the sudio for recording session. I contacted him, he was in town to play with his band, and BAM, just did the session! Really cool time!

Currently there is a huge retro revival going on, bands like RIVAL SONS, ORCHID, HORISONT and KADAVAR are quite well known amongst music lovers. Do you, as an authentic 60s band, profit from the situation?

Honestly,I don't think about revival retro things, I mean,we love of course the '60 and '50 period for music were such an amazing period,we love that sound, lo-fi psychedelic stuff, the way they recorded albums, analog tape machine,but especially the freedom in creating music..At the moment I love bands come from S.francisco area,THE OHSEES, TY SEGALL, Jacco Gardner, BLACK LIPS. I think we are more connected to ourselves not too much to any revival bands. We just love music as it comes out!

How important is the equipment for your sound? Do you all play original vintage instruments or do you think the right state of mind is more important? Because vintage equipment is quite expensive of course …

The equipment is fundamental, man!! The music that comes from instruments, amps and effects. I especially love the sound of small vintage amps and all this connected to the right state of mind, of course! I can't live without my vintage Roland Space echo 201.all things you hear from LastKillers, noise, shit sound, trash vocals and psych guitars things,tornado, all that shit passes tru into that!! amazing!

I was really confused by the fact that THE LAST KILLERS haven't established themselves as a household name here in Germany by now. I don't get it… where does the band have most fans?

Mostly in France, where our labels come from ,Adrenalin fix music and Strychnine records,our promoter too. And also Spain. But we tour a lot in Germany as well. Played in SonicBallroom koln, White trash Berlin, Beat club Amburg. and many more. Mudd club.... But especially in Italy we made a name as a wild rnr garage band! In June 2013 we played the most important rnr Italian festival,Festival Beat in salsomaggiore!! you can't miss it! Fuzz'n'wild party,mate!

Currently three companies take care of business and you've just returned from a two week European tour. How about drinking when you're on the road? Are you reliable types or do you live the rock n roll lifestyle when on tour?

Absolutely, we live the rock n roll lifestyle on tour. On tour there are no rules!

Do you collect records, too or do you focus on making music? But vintage music seems to be more in need of a record collection than any other genre, right?

We have many records, some of us are collectors, but all of us love vinyl records, especially for the great sound! Cd, mp3, vinyl? We are for vinyl fans!

Your song "Fiorella With Umbrella" was written by recently deceased Armando Trovaioli… is the song connected to a certain film and do you sometimes imagine a certain film when writing a track or how do you get yourselves in the mood?

Of course,we love all the '60 b movies Italian style,we are fans of Italian '60 movies with Mastroianni, A.Sordi, Morricone and Trovajoli, Umiliani and Marc 4, there were such amazing musicians and film makers during that period in Italy! I love that song particularly and it's from the movie "Don Giovanni in Sicilia"!

Your record is available on LP … where can people buy it?

Of course tru us, the LastKillers, they can contact us directly,on the fb page of the band.
Or tru our French record label that distributes the Lp
Adrenalin Fix | Facebook
Or our Italian label Go-Down records

Thanks for the interview
Thomas Eberhardt

hey ... some clips for you guys as well

THE OH SEES - Minotaur

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