I'm quite curious what your lyrics mean, could you please pick three songs from "Sis Pus Sus" and explain what the tracks are about?

Alper Antmen: We composed the song, named 'it dalasi' because of a fight scene between police and someone like mafia at back street in the center of istanbul's most popular road, Istiklal. We want to tell that there is a group of people trying to poison the mind by Tv shows or serials, so that they gain money and maintain their power. On the other hand the ignorant, poor groups of people that are affacted, fighting each other for no purpose. We criticise the spreading violence in society and also politics trying to overawe people. Alper Antmen contiues with the song 'Sis Pus Sus': The social influence and the personnal facts drive everyone to the edge, innately there is a reaction to this situation. Actually, this is our scream to this condition. Alper Antmen adds the song 'Oyun' Everyone is born pure and naked but they become estranged because of social influences and the enviorement like schools. This is the adventure of a man trying to escape from alienation by nature's refreshing ability.

It's hard to avoid politics. Because currently there are so many things going on. What is your personal perspective on Turkey … it seems to me that there is a big gap between people supporting different ideas. How do you perceive it?

Özgür Devrim Akçay: We are against violence from person to person and also from person to nature all around the world. Turkey is in the middle of the economic transformation and violence in the global and interacting cycle. Goverment doesn't try to solve the problems rationally, on the contray he uses redundant force that creates the violent cycle.

Alper Antmen: Modern life style is constricted by prohibitions. Kids, young ones were killed by police but nobody is tried in a court or punished. If you are a suni muslim turkish man or if you have forgotten your humanity, you can easly live in Turkey. But if you identfy yourself apart from these, you will probably be ignored or you can probably die unfournately.

What is the rock scene like in Istanbul? Which venues do you recommend and are there other bands one should definitely check out?

Alper Antmen: Nowadays, popular music influence turkish rock music a lot. Of course there are always some new music bands but they can hardly find a stage to perform. There is only 5 or 6 place that perform underground rock, hardcore or heavy metal in Istanbul. Although they use rock music instruments, their songs and melodies are similiar to popular music but they are supported and much more interested by our audience . Some live performances can be found at Peyote, Karga, Dunia or Arka Oda. Turkish Rock Groups : Eskiz, Klan , Indefinite Time Period, Kök , Haossa, Feza , Kafa Bin Dünya

Your debut was released by World In Sound how did you guys get in touch?

Alper Antmen: We liked Samsara Blues Experiment's music a lot so we searched for with whom they made their album, the hits said World in Sound.

Your bandname refers to a story by Charles Bukowski, what was the background again and how come you became fans of Hank Chinaski? Tolga Öztürk:

We literally like C.Bukowski. We mostly read underground literature. We were looking for a name to our group. While we were leafing though books, we found a poem, named Forty Thousand Flies. We imagined how it would be if forty thousand insects surround us, at that moment , the sound of the image refers that it is suitable for our group,then we decided that our group name should be Kirkbinsinek.

You have been active since 2008, how do you now see your first couple of songs. Are there typical early aspects you avoid now when writing a song or did your first songs rather exactly point into the direction you pursued afterwards?

Alper Antmen: Every song has different expression. We tried to chose the favorable musical expression for the songs. We still play our first songs but the new one's taste beter for all of us

Özgür Devrim Akçay: Our sense of aesthetics has naturally changed during seven years but it doesn't mean that we lost our first song's soul.

Using the traditional violoncello besides the bass you basically have two bass players. Or am I totally on the wrong track? How does it affect your songwriting?

Baris Güvenenler: The electric cello I use has a fifth string in the upper register. That's why there is no phase between the cello and bass. Actually the cello is used more like the guitar but of course with the bowed and fretless character.

On your twitter account you have pictures of demonstrations and molotovs being thrown next to live photographs how political is the rock scene in Istanbul and have you already been to any other country with the band?

Alper Antmen: This is not a photo of molotov bomb. It's the pepper gas that the police threw at Gezi Park protests.

Baris Güvenenler: Some of them are political, some are not. It depends more on the class where people are coming from. Some are sensible some are not.

Özgür Devrim Akçay: We haven't played in an other country yet but we are looking forward to have a performance abroad especially in a festivals.

What's next for KIRKBINSINEK?

Alper Antmen: We have 7 new songs. We're recently recomposing the song 'Pus Almis Dagi'. Apparently, we're getting ready for the next album.

Thanks so much for the interview, guys.