“Blood Sugar Secs Traffic” is an homage to the RHCP, isn’t it … clearly a concept album to praise the virtues of Anthony Kiedis, right? ;)

How astute of you! Each one of those ideas can be used to measure time, but it’s a 100% coincidence that it was the same as the RHCP lp title. We’re still waiting to hear from their lawyers!

Which artists influenced you (for real) when writing the record?

For real would be Protomartyr, Public Image Limited, Harmonia, Spray Paint, Lakespeed, Teenage Cool Kids and Swell Maps. One thing I will say about the boys in the band: though we’re all in our doughy 30’s we are all avid music freaks and do not subscribe to the notion that the best records have already been written, hence the number of new bands listed above. You can tell when a band has that stance because their records sound stale-as-fuck.

Does the record have a message? 

The record has several themes but it’s tricky discussing it because some are overt and some are not and I would hate to tell the listener what’s what for fear of that ruining some of the magic for them. It was written in the year 2014/15, it is a modern record of four 30 year-old men grappling with relevancy, consumerism, complacency & alcohol.

How did you ink the Sup Pop deal and isn’t it hard to meet friends without telling them over and over that your band is on Sub Pop?

We inked the deal over coffee after one of the worst shows we’ve ever played in New Orleans. Actually, that’s only partially true, Nick our Sub Pop guy came to NOLA to see us and we were bad but we didn’t sign then, we waited till we got home and signed at a local record store called Mind Cure and we all drank champagne. It’s easy for outsiders to know we’re on Sub Pop – we wear all of the free shit they gave us, in quite an obnoxious fashion!
You play a very unique type of music that might sometimes be hard for mainstream-listeners to understand. Mission Of Burma, The Fall seem to provide the context, another influence seems to be the Dischord records sound. How important is carrying on a certain legacy for you guys?  

Legacy is SUPER important. When we were working out the details of working with Gerard at 12XU Records for the first record (available in Germany thru Erste Theke Tontrager!) he was suspicious of our aims and I spelled it all out for him in the easiest of terms: we wanted to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, like a link in a chain. It’s really not too important if a mainstream listener misses one of the touchstones of our sound, what’s important is what that sound does for them. Good or bad.

You got listed amongst SPINs 7 favourite songs of the week alongside BEYONCÉ. Do you think this will boost your popularity or is it rather something to impress parents with? 

No idea what that stuff does for our popularity, other than the illusion that we are a much larger band than we are, but it was awesome showing my Mom ?

Any words of wisdom on recording and equipment? How long did it take you to record “Blood Sugar Secs Traffic” and which difficulties did you have to face?

The record took quite sometime, unlike the first record which we just recorded everything we had, we tried to write a song and instantly record it ala the Buzzcocks so that it had a vital energy and we weren’t lagging after having road-tested it for months. We did that over several months before we could clearly define whatever the hell we thought would make a better record than a bad record. No real difficulties, it was recorded in a friends basement, so if gear or professionalism can be set aside, you can make some pretty useful sounds with what is left.
Any recommendations against cabin fever when recording an album? 

This one is pretty easy! Just like the people you have around. I can’t for the life of me figure out why bands have say a drummer or someone they’re not close with in the band just because they play the fucking drums. Find a friend that wants to be in a band and have them learn that instrument – that’s what we did! It made it super easy to tour for months or be crammed in a studio with ‘em. That record somewhere that has a cat. They’re a cool distraction.

You really have a refreshing sense of humour and I was wondering how you combine being a successful band and having a blast … are you goofy when you rehearse or do you switch modes?

I think the worst thing most bands can do is to take themselves too seriously. I’m not saying we aren’t serious at times, but if you’ve ever encountered a band that takes themselves way too serious it’s the worst!!! Going back to the previous question, humor is a natural extension of who we are and it seemed natural to have that present in the band. Ever see a raging hardcore band up on stage (or floor) and they’ll be absolutely slaying it but inbetween songs they’re being goofy? It’s a weird disconnect, so we just lump it all, warts and all into our sound. So it’s really one mode.

Thx for taking the time. ThEb

Thank you!