„Dwaling“ and “Man dies if he wants, from 2010, feature „March 28, 1941, Drowning“. The date coincides with the death of Virginia Woolf and she actually drowned. Why did you choose that particular subject (suicide) for a song?

Our first demo was called “Man dies when he wants” and the three songs titles were all dates and causes of deaths by famous people. It was more a concept than a statement which followed the demo title. The Virginia Woolf one ended up on the full length. Since it already had a title we didn’t change it.

Could you briefly sum up the overall concept of GGU:LL’s lyrics?

Actually there are none… It’s not a preconceived plan but William started screaming into a microphone that was standing in the rehearsal room. Until that moment we were an instrumental band but immediately we felt the enormous power of his voice in our music. He just continued to do that and we never felt the urge to put words into his singing. It’s just an instrument, a feeling, an extra layer. And this way he isn’t restrained by anything. He can just let his emotions and gut feelings take over and growl and scream in a pure, raw, manner.

Should your name be pronounced GHOUL? Why did you opt for the rather kryptic version. People will be confused … Microsoft word doesn’t even permit saving the interview as GGU:LL … :D

Computer sais no… Good thing there is still something called the real world in which we can name our band as we like. We do pronounce it as Ghoul, but we’re not named Ghoul. The band evolved out of an unpronounceable long named noise duo and developed into a four piece doom band. And in the process, more and more characters disappeared from the name, leaving Ggu:ll as the final combination of symbols.

”Het smerige kleed van de ziel” features Farida Lemouchi on vocals. Did she write the lyrics or did you as a band provide the lyrics? How was working with her?

She is a good friend and it was an honour to work with her. She has a magical voice and it really adds to the whole atmosphere of the album. We wrote the lyrics for her because, during rehearsing with her, it made sense to give her something to work with. The vocal parts of William are again only vocal sounds.

Your rhythm section used to play in TRANSMISSION 0 (is that correct) and the album I just found on my shelf has Steve Austin (TODAY IS THE DAY) on vocals for one song. Can you still identify with the music you wrote back then and why did the band part ways?

Yes, that’s true. That was a great time and we are really proud of what we achieved with that band. The post-something genre was a very narrow path to be in but I think we made something that stood out and still stands the time. The split was an unforeseen series of events, but we are all on good terms and Ggu:ll would not be what it is now without Transmission0.

Considering your long history as musicians. Why do you not refer to it? It was quite some research get the info? How important is re-inventing yourself as a musician?

Ggu:ll is the product of four people playing in different bands, different genres and with a lot of other musicians. But the only reason we would link our past to Ggu:ll is to gain leverage with it, and we believe the album we produced has a quality on its own. We really believe in what we made here and we don’t want any tricks or distraction from the essence, which is Dwaling. It’s not so much about re-inventing, as just presenting Ggu:ll as it is.

Tilburg has quite an astonishing scene. Roadburn, little devil, 013 how come there is so much going on there? Which bands are currently on the rise?

Yes, it definitely has. You’re not quite aware of it when you’re in the midst of it. It feels normal and natural. But the more people outside of Tilburg mention it, the more you become conscious of it. We love the venues, festivals and bands. Everybody is friends and it’s a real open vibe. Everybody is cross breading and helping each other.

There will also be a tape version of “Dwaling”, when will it come out?

Soon hopefully! It will be released on Tartarus records from Groningen, who also did our waan:hoon EP. Richard is always making special packages in a limited run. It’s taking a bit longer than planned but it will be worth the wait.

Will you play any festivals?

Yes, we are booked for the lovely intimate Woolstock festival, the legendary Dutch Doom Days in Rotterdam and an awesome festival which we cannot disclose yet… Alongside that, we have booked some shows together with our good friends of Terzij de Horde. That will be fun!

Thanks for the answers.

You’re welcome, thanks for the interest!

Thomas Eberhardt