Could you please sum up the band's history in a few sentences and mention your previous releases?

Far Plain started in 2008. I had a couple of tracks I wanted to record in order to make a demo to begin with. I had no musicians at the time, so I did all by myself with Jeff Alcaras my sound ingeneer. Quickly after that, I started searching for musicians. Then we got on stage a lot in France during the year. In august (2008) we went in studio to record "Portae Lucis", our first album. Here in France, the reviews was a surprise. Good feedbacks about it. This gave us the opportunity to participate to the "OUI love Myspace" Radio competition (for a famous rock radio here in France). We ended in final. A great time and a great springboard for the band. After a lot of gigs and a new bass player, the need to work on a new record came out. And here we are with "Human Forbidden"

American Rock and Grunge seem to have had a huge impact on your band and there are not many groups around playing that style at the moment or which sound is popular in France right now?

Unfortunatly, I don't really know. For sure, all that comes from UK and US are the mainstream stuff the youth listen to. We now have a huge public for the Japan Rock & Metal music too. Beside this, There's the "Rock chic" movement wich is a snobby way to make rock n' roll music. They call it, the "french touch". Sorry but I can't be much more relevant since I don't really follow the news about all that.

To commemorate Freddy Mercury you will be playing a show with a band called coverQUEEN how come you joined as an opening act (or are there members in FAR PLAIN who play in coverQUEEN?)and which QUEEN records and songs are your favourite ones?

We'll open for them. We're very happy about it. The Bataclan is one of the major stage in Paris, this is a honor to play in this venue for this type of event. Queen is just a legendary band for everyone who listen to rock music. There's so many songs I love from them... I guess my favorite one still "Bohemian Rhapsody". I also like "bicycle","killer queen" or things like "one vision". You know what? I'll stop now, otherwise, I'll spend all night on this question!

If you had to decide whether to call your group a band of weekend warriors, semi-professionals or professionals where would you place your combo? Why did you choose that particular category?

It depends of what you mean by professional. My point of view is we're professionals for the very reason that everyone in our band studied and worked hard to become real musicians. We also trained ourselves a lot to get on stage and do the job we love. This is what it takes, at least for me, to be a professional.

The artwork of your record looks very nice and had a special pop up case, did you invest a lot of money in the recording as well and where did you record the album?

Yes, we spent a lot of money and time into this record. I'm glad to see that some people recognize it! We've recorded this album at the "studio de la côte" with Jeff Alcaras. I love working with him. He's a friend now and a talented man. I've never found such an experienced sound ingeneer here before. So I keep on working with him since we first meat!

Your lyrics are pretty much about existentialism and GORIJA also deal with that topic a lot. How come French bands have such a connection to the topic? Fear, death and responsibility are topics usually ascribed to Satre and Camus but is that just coincidence or do you actually study their works?

I like to watch and study the world in wich I live as I like to study myself also. It's a big part of who I am. That undoubtedly pushes me to write in an existentialism way. And since we live in a period so inspiring in the history of men, I can not help but write about the stupidity with which the men who lead us, gently push us into the abyss. That's why we called our record "human forbidden". It describes a world where the men have failed and are condemned to survive like it was in the begining of mankind. reminding them of where they come from...

Some people criticised the fact that you have a lot of citations in your songs but at the same time I have to say that all the different elements make up your unique sound but it seems hard to combine it one song. What are your thoughts about the critique?

Critiques are points of view and it's cool to have some, especially when they are constructive. It's a part of the game. But Far Plain will continue to move on with its feelings. Some will like, some other not... That's life baby.

I also have the impression that the language barrier seems very strong between France and Germany and unfortunately there are only some French bands coming over. Of course one has heard about INHATRED and GORIJA but is the same true for German bands in France? I think it's pretty sad because both countries have very decent bands, right?

Every country have decent bands in Europe. You can find talents almost everywhere. But what you can't find is partnership. That's the real problem. I wanted to put up a gig in "la boule noire" in 2010. A great venue in Paris, with four of the best alternative french rock bands. I contacted all of them. They were all ok! (what a surprise...). I said this would be cool to put all of our helpers in the project. So we can be stronger together and more efficient. No answer back... What else? I don't know how things work in other european countries. But here in France, they just don't get it. It might have an impact on the others...

Are there any other groups from your area you can recommend?

I know many bands, but here are the one I concider humanly and artistically. "Raz'Rockette"

What's happening in 2012 with the band any side projects?

Things are moving these days. We now have a manager. We're working on our first video clip. News tracks and gigs for 2012. But I can't tell much more... you'll see soon enough ! Thanks guys for your interview!

Thomas Eberhardt