There is little information about you on the internet who's in the band and what age are you guys? Are you studying, working, touring 24-7?

I might as well start with myself , I'm Frankie I do vocals , Jesse and Ben play guitar , Joe plays drums , Mark plays bass. We're all in our 20's, Mark and I are both 20 , Joe just turned 21 , Ben and Jesse are 23. None of us are doing the school thing or are holding a regular job, we are on the road 24-7 and we love it.

Suicide is a prevailing topic of the record, how come?

It was a feeling prevailing in my life....the only way I could deal with the anxiety and fear would be to write about it.. For a few moments I really thought this album might end up being my suicide note. I never let anyone know that. I felt I was facing that path. Suicide is not the answer but I can't say I was convinced it wasn't. I can just say that I'm happy I'm here now doing this interview and not rotting in a box.

Who did the brilliant artwork for the record and whose idea was it to do it in comic style?

The brilliant art work was done by an amazing artist at the Victory Records office named Paul Friemel who also does work for bands like Between The Buried and me and Bayside. I told him the direction of the album and he portrayed it perfectly. Much love to him.

Is anyone in the band into comics or how do you pass time when you're on tour?

I think we're all into super heroes and such. Jesse used to collect comics I know for a fact and so did I growing up.. right now..

I still love comics but I'm not buying them. We killed alot of hours playing guitar hero 2 on our last tour, not sure if it will make a come back as a major contendor but the chances are high.

One of your songs is entitled "You got a henna tattoo that said forever" and I think that's kind of funny, would you agree that EMMURE has sense of humour?

Yeah we love having names that are kinda like a double edge sword.. Like "You Got A Henna Tattoo that said forever" yeah it's fucking funny but on the other foot it's saying to me: you're such a fake and you don't know how to keep a promise even to yourself. I got that song name from a Zach Galifianakis joke, he's one of my favorite comedians.

There are a couple of lawsuits Tony Brummel is involved in, does that intimidate you as a band or do you think that some bands just forget where they come from and talk about things they are not too much involved with like advertising?

EMMURE and Victory Records have a great relationship. Whatever the case may be between Victory Records and other artists under their label is not really anything I can voice upon.

How come Karl Schubach from MISERY SIGNALS did vocals for you guys, when did you meet him?

I met him when we played with his band in Long Island about a year ago and I had gone up to him to talk about his set and how we had mutual friends. We ended up staying in touch and when it came time to write the album he asked if he could do a guest appearance. . He actually recorded his vocals in god knows where somewhere between his flight from Australia to Michigan

..or something..he happened to have his own pro-tool's kit. And we sent him the tracks and he sent it back. So that's how that went down.

Do you think it's hard for a new band to be recognised and what do you think is special about EMMURE as a band?

I think it's really hard for a new band to be recognised, especially with so many bands out today..it's all about the impact you're aiming to make. I think what makes us special is that we are always going to try and top ourselves. We want every record to be heavier both emotionally and sonically. Our aim is to break the trend and never stray from who we are and the music we love to play.

How do you witness your audience, are people really interested in topics like politics and animal liberation are do they rather think about buying fancy shirts and dancing violent?

Are you saying audiences who are into politics and animal liberation don't buy fancy shirts and dance violently? What I mean to say is: I think people come out to concerts for there own personal reasons..whether it's to express they wanna save the whales or show off there new dunks ..what's most important is that they're coming to shows for the music and good times.

What's in store for 2007?

Our goal for 2007 is to tour non stop , I'm actually really looking forward to hanging out with our buddies in My Bitter End and For The Fallen Dreams. If you don't know about those bands do check them out.

Thomas Eberhardt
Photo by Paul Friemel