The clip for "chocolate woman" mainly features an attractive woman but also a band member walking through public transport wearing a skirt well, when exactly did you shoot that scene and didn't that feel weird?

Actually, it isn't a band member walking through the picture. It was one of our friends. I don't have much else to say about this :)

Generally you seem to put a lot of emphasis on clips lately and the hits they generate are rather impressive who did the clip for "chocolate woman" and aren't you afraid of the "you're sexists" hammer coming down?

To be honest, we are not big fans of music videos. My ideology is that every listener has to create his own music video in his head. In a way music stimulates the creativity of the artist but also of the listener. With a music video there is less to imagine around a song. The mysticism evaporates.

In a perfect word, Dirty Sound Magnet would not have music videos. But in 2014 you need music videos to expose your music. If you don't do them, it's difficult to get the attention of the audience. To answer your second question, I don't think Chocolate woman is sexist. It's just a concept.

"21st century witch" is a song which reminds me a lot of Seventies artists, which ones influenced you particularly for "The Bloop"?

I think that "21st century witch" is almost a folk rock song and that's why it reminds the 70s'. I think it has a modern feel though. Our all time favorite bands are Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Jethro Tull, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, You pretty much get the picture: Yes we love the seventies. But the most important thing is the music in general and not being categorized in a particular genre.

The vocals for "Move" remind me very much of Robert Plant and then there is some THE BLACK CROWES stuff going on it's a beautiful song and I was just wondering do you come up with the guitar riffs in advance or is there always a catchy melody you have to start with? Do you share the songwriting business or is it always one person who writes the complete song?

The guitar is usually the starting point of a DSM song. From that point there are several paths to be taken. The second step is often a jam with the rest of the band where we work on arrangements and later add the voice. But for some songs it happens that I write the whole song in my bed. Guitar, melody and lyrics. In general half of the lyrics come from Didier Coenegracht while the other half from me. "Move" is very interesting because it's one of the first songs I've ever written. Sadly, we never found the right arrangement for the song. We recorded it for the previous album but it was not good enough. We have at least ten versions of that song. The final arrangement on The Bloop is really great and we are 100% satisfied with it. But it's like this with DSM: "Chocolate Woman" was written in 5 minutes while "Move" took 8 years.

When can we expect a new full length why did you opt for an EP?

We already have enough material for 2 maybe 3 albums but we will wait. For now, we will continue to promote the band with the two cds we have and tour the most we can. We want to be more popular before releasing new material. The new material is so good that we need some time to think about how to record it and what to do with it. We need external help or a good label. The songs deserve it. For the Bloop, we don't consider it as an EP. It may last only 25 minutes but we worked on it as an album. We had an artistic approach and we wanted it to summarize what the band was about. "Chocolate Woman" is the rock, "Pagan Hill" the weird, "21st century Witch" the beautiful, "Sunday Drama" the imaginary, "Move" the dynamic and "Strike me" the blues.

Any bands form the Fribourg area people should check out?

There is a completely unknown artist called De Bargerac. He does absolutely crazy stuff. You can find some recordings on the internet. The recordings are shit but there is a kind of magic in his compositions and in the interpretation. Check the songs: "Sexual dreams" and "Freedom Child" Otherwise, in Switzerland, you should check The Black Widow's Project from Geneva. There are one of the most powerful bands I've ever seen live.

THX guys.

Thomas Eberhardt