Your band started out in 2001 as A PERFECT MURDER. Were all of the current members active there? Why did you break up and you change the band's name?

Frank: All 5 of us were considered as the original APM line-up and after APM was done we wanted something new and start with a new name, thats how it all happened. Luc: For our part leaving the band, we mostly did it for money reasons. It was so hard to come back from tours and having to carry on with life with absolutely no money. For the final break up, not really sure how it came up for Yan and Carl. I'd say we had such an amazing time with APM but im more than happy this is all over. I can't believe i'm still playing music with my 4 best friends again. It really is incredible.

What kind of role played Victory in the process of breaking up?

Carl: A good part I'd say. When you don't have support from the label and you are a touring band it is hard to stay on the road as much as you'd want. But I won't point out any things that happened. What's done is done.

You come from the part of Canada where French is spoken and you often tour the United States. Where do you see the differences compared to home?

Frank: Not that much of a difference, the culture is pretty much the same. We have met awesome people all over North America during all those years.

What is the music scene like in Canada? Any bands or fanzines you could recommend?

Frank: I think it's getting a little better as I say it in every interview the hc and punk scenes are always in cycle, we go through some highs and lows all the time, but still we are doing our thing for 10 years now, regardless of what is trendy or not.

Have you ever tried singing French lyrics? What made you opt for English ones?

Carl: Well French language just doesn't sound as angry as English does. haha

What professions do you have and are there other things you are interested in besides music?

Carl: We all work at different places and do different things. I work in a seat factory. We make seadoo, skidoo, etc... seats. Pretty cool job and the pay is decent so i'm not asking for more. Frank: I'm a gym teacher and I train people, I would say training and playing music are 2 things I couldn't live without, they are both outlets for me. Luc: I work for a company called Rolls-Royce Canada. I do inspection on airplane engines. Amazing job. Music is my main interest. Everything surrounding it i'd say. Couldn't live without it either.

You mention the artist Joshua Andrew Belanger in the booklet. How did you meet him and what kind of work does he do for the band?

Frank: Carl met him during his days with A DEATH FOR EVERY SIN and he always did shirts artwork for us, awesome talented guy.

Some of your lyrics deal with death, which is nothing unusual in hardcore, but most of the times it's merely a shock effect. You seem to have experienced true loss and is there any advice you would give someone who's lost a loved one?

Frank: Luc lost his mother after a 10 years battle against cancer, it was a terrible loss for all of us, a hard time. The song live through me is really a tribute to his mom.

No advices are valid in a situation like this, no words, no actions just to be there for him was the best thing we could have ever done. Luc: These are real fucking hard times for me. I can't spend a day without thinking about her. I'm glad i can count on these guys. My family and my friends, in the end that's all that matters to me, the rest is futile.

Straight Edge bands seem to have lost some influence on the scene and it has become more of a label than a lifestyle you represent in your lyrics. What's your point of view, would you agree and is it a good or a bad thing?

Carl: Man... I don't know. For my part, I've always been and will always be straight edge for personal reasons. I don't care if straight edge is not the cool thing at the moment. What's important is you do it for yourself and nothing else. Frank: Like I said, we dont care about trends straight edge is not cool anymore and it was 5 years ago, who cares, I'm still straight edge, I still dont give a crap about what other people do and think about that. Luc: Right on

Can we expect to meet you on tour in Europe soon?

Carl: We are right now speaking with some people over there. We really wanna go over there. Frank: We have to come over! Carl and Yan have only good words about all the different places they played in Europe. This is a no brainer we have to tour Europe with MODERN RIMES , plus our record is out on Damage Done there which is really awesome.

Thomas Eberhardt