Hey guys, I just listened to your new record and I really liked it. Please tell us something about the recordings and the songwriting process!

Sasha (bass): Hello! We're glad that you enjoyed the record! We have made this album with a great help of our friends in their "Destroy The Humanity Studio", recording was a huge experience for us. The process itself was not usual in some sense - we've decided to record drums and bass during just one large live session, and later recorded guitars separately. Needless to say, mixing and further mastering (last one performed by Pavel Sinilo at Everest Studio, Minsk) took some time, but results made us completely excited. Songwriting process is a collective dialog in most cases. Someone creates one riff or melody, then brings it to others for "acceptance", and most often we start to play it off, adding or modifying some parts till the song is born.
Dima (guitar): Hi! Thanks for the kind words. As for me songs on "Paths of the Restless" at first were like tributes to the bands that have inspirited us on making music. You can hear a lot of references actually. But later all the tracks have come together like puzzle parts in a picture that've let us make this album as a conceptual release. Recording process was really painful in psychological way, working on regular jobs all day and then tracking all night long and then back to office again. Without any sleep, completely fucked up, maintaining only on junk food - we had a really great time. Also we caused really great ear punishment to offices neighboring our studio, that led a lot of "Shut the fuck up you fucking fags" from the other side of the wall during drilling riffs of "The art of being nothing" in 6 a.m. in the morning.

What are your musical backgrounds - I assume you learned a lot from metal bands, right? Is this your first record what else is available?

Sasha: We're not stuck on "metal" bands only, performing an endless search listening different genres and styles. This is not our first record, we have an earlier EP called "Live demos", its name talks of itself.
Dima: During songwriting process I've listened a lot of early Sepultura, Rage Against the Machine, Mastodon, The Fall of Troy, Isis and Neurosis and actually I consider our band pretty much into "metal" J

What current music inspires you?

Sasha: Each band member would have his own answer to this question, we enjoy different bands, starting from classical music, post-rock music to grindcore, death metal and so on.
Dima: I gain a lot of inspiration from bands with whom we share the rehearsal space. These bands are Equal Minds Theory, Vagiant and Tombstone Piledriver. Also I've found in myself a great passion to Russian classical music andů grindcore. Not a day goes without a listen to Modest Mussorgsky "Pictures at the exhibition" ("Two jews: Rich and Poor" especially) and some Burnt by the Sun and Cephalic Carnage stuff.

Did you ever think about adding a singer? If so, why didn't you?

Sasha: Surely did! We finally decided to make "The Paths Of The Restless" as instrumental music, because our thoughts and feelings expressed through this material sounded completed and strong without a voice. This may change for our new records in a future, time will tell..

Postrock got quite popular recently. Do you think that this is a good trend?

Sasha: Why not? It's always good when music we like and listen becomes popular. Popularization will bring some talentless bands for sure, but the main thing here is not to miss those who really have some thoughts and feelings in their music.
Dima: It depends on the side you watch from. It's great that more complicated and deep music becomes a trend for the sake that it would entail a collective positive evolution to something beautiful. But in fact it leads to a complete misunderstanding of the fundamental ideas and tons of hipster shit. Something that was meant to be thoughtful turns out to be superficial.

Is there a postrock/metal scene in Russia? What band would you recommend?

Sasha: As any other scenes, those ones differ from the same in Europe, for example. Currently, post-rock just starts being popular in Russia, we enjoyed playing with many bands here. You should check such bands as Vagiant, Jars and EMT.
Dima: Like 5-10 years ago there were so few bands in Russia that could compare with their foreign colleagues in terms of performing and composing skills. Now there are a lot of very strong bands here but almost everyone faces the same problem - the lack of promotion. But it's not even the worst - the greatest enemy is a strange mental state of people that can be described like this "Russian underground band - shit, I better take a listen/visit a show of some foreign band". We all try to change it by working our asses out to make great music, great shows and something great and epic in general, but the state mentioned above changes very slowly. Russian bands I would recommend are (brace yourself the list will not be small): Vagiant, Jars, Equal Minds Theory, Kamni, EndName, Without God, Kailess, Moro Moro Land, Tombstone Piledriver, Bordge, Jaunt, Embrace the Moment, Vorvan, The Moon Mistress, Adaen, Inter Arbores, Aethyr, LWFDIHH. Check them out!

What exactly is Octopus Entertainment and how about Destroy The Humanity. Could you say who's part of it and what the people do?

Sasha: As I stated in question above, Destroy The Humanity is the studio ruled by friends of ours, they are oriented in developing and working with mathcore, post-rock\metal, sludge, stoner genres. Octopus Management is oriented to manage and assist bands with recordings, gigs, tours, albums design etc. And here's the link - guys from Destroy The Humanity assist those bands with the recording related process.
Dima: Let me correct you, Octopus _MANAGEMENT_, but Entertainment is in some way the reason why we all do this. J Actually I'm the owner of this management agency. I've decided to create Octopus because I've wanted to help young bands to deliver their music to listener's ears. When we've just started to make music as a band we didn't know anyone who could help us with gigs, art, studio and other stuff. Of course there are a lot of promoters, designers and studios that can do their work only to gain money but there are few that share attitude, listen the same music and so on, you know. Octopus Management is like a link between the band and all that this band needs. We work with the "right" people and our main aim is to support bands that create progressive music and provide them sonic and them world domination J Bearded guys in Mastodon and Cephalic Carnage t-shirts from Destroy The Humanity Studios give Octopus enormous support on this hard way.

Since some alternative/punk bands seem to be under observations by the Russian government, does that affect the local scene / local shows?

Sasha: Haha, you've got it from BBC news, don't you? (laughing) In my opinion, it was an act related neither to punk nor to alternative, just some kind of their political and provocation things we trying not to be part of.
Dima: It affects punk, crust and hardcore scene really much even up to the use of physical force by the Police during the shows, especially this situation is bad in Belarus. Pussy Riot are just prisoners of Conscience in my opinion. Fucking ridiculous - they try to incriminate them 9 years of prison for dancing in church. Funny how wise and all forgiving orthodox church pulled down all the dogs on these girls. Tolerance is bliss for sure.

Do you have plans on touring Europe or even Germany and how about the language barrier?

Sasha: Yes, yes! This is the main goal for now. We've toured in Estonia and Latvia last autumn, and we want more! So we'd be glad if you assist arranging some gigs in Germany =) Music itself lacks any language barriers, so this would not be a problem.
Dima: Oh yes, it's time for Europe to see how Cosmonauts Day are really loud and "into metal" Hope to make it this fall.

Daniel Senzek