The artwork is amazing and there's also an astonishing 3-D clip that includes gorey segements taken form the album's art. Who's responsible for the art and did you tell the designer exactly what you wanted?

For sure, the artwork is totally amazing. We worked with Dennis Sibeijn from Damnengine who worked with bands like All Shall Perish, Chimaira, Job For A Cowboy or Chelsea Grin. We didn't think he would be able to work with us, but he gave us an answer within 24 hours. He was blown away by our music, so he started directly to design something. We didn't have a clear idea of what we wanted, we were looking for something dark, loud and inspired by our music and lyrics. Further more, I like to give liberty artistic liberty to an artist and just give him a few insights. If you're looking for a professional and talented designer, I'm sure he will be you're man.

The booklet says that you received some support by your hometown … well please tell me how to get financial support when playing grind/deathcore … I'm curious ;) …

Haha it may seem a bit weird, but in Switzerland we have a lot of cultural support, even if you're playing loud music. You just have to write a serious project and send it to your city or/and district. Most of time you will receive a financial support. It's a good way to promote and support local bands.

Some of your lyrics deal with splatter and gore subjects, do you also watch that kind of movies in your free time? I'm not really attracted by these subjects but I dig the music … what's the fascinating aspect of it?

We wanted to bring something more to our music. I'm a big fan of horror movies, I am inspired by this universe in the writing process of my lyrics. As for Sonia, she draws most of her inspiration from themes such as death, desolation or the end of the world. Aside from that we are very friendly people and we don't consult a psychiatrist.

Victoria's Lake has a certain irony to it and it's almost a parody of the carelessness of young people. Would you say that even though you play tough music you also have a certain sense of humour or do people have to expect a grumpy band when you play live? Which medium represents your personalities more adequately? Record or liveshow?

People have to expect a grumpy band on stage and cool guys in the backstage! When we are on stage, we want to spread the sickness of our record. I don't want to laugh when I'm screaming my lyrics which talk about rape, cannibalism or incest!

Tell me about your labels, first you released an Ep on Heimathome Records and later you signed to Tenacity Music. The label also takes care of the booking, that's pretty nice, isn't it … who runs the label? How many people are involved?

Tenacity Music is a new and very promising record label and booking agency. For the booking they already worked with bands like Biohazard, The Black Dahlia Murder, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Textures or Sylosis. Two people are involved in this project and I'm sure they will be able to do huge things in the future.

Randy also sings in VOICE OF RUIN. How long have they been around? They have a couple of notorious clips … ever got on trouble with your employer or are you self-employed?

A part of the band is studying at the University and the rest is working (bank and watch industry…yes we are swiss). On my side, I just finished my studies in management and marketing at the University and now I'm working as a part time teacher in the school. It's a good way to earn enough money while having enough time for the music. None of us ever had troubles with our music (even in Voice Of Ruin). People know we do this for the fun, the girls and the booze haha.

One reviewer online elaborated on the fact that Deathcore as a scene and musical style is factually dead and therefore you were behind the times. I disagree with that point of view because it demands that the artist has to submit to current trends… what's your point on this?

My point of view if that it's not so easy to say that this band is playing deathcore or not. There are so many different kinds of deathcore. Eventually, deathcore is a mix of death metal and hardcore, so I don't understand why people always bash on the style. It was the same at the beginning of the 21st century with neo-metal. Hope it will change a day.

Would you say that there is still a network of bands like there was in the nineties or is there a lot more competition because there are so many bands around. Are CONJONCTIVE a band that has certain goals and is competitive?

Nowadays it's very hard to emerge as a metal band. There are so many bands all over the world, and worse, so many quality bands...I think Internet is the problem as it brings music to everyone. Internet offers a good way to spread your music over the globe. So we have access to more bands. In the 90's bands were supposed to tour if they wanted to get renowned. Now you just have to pay for ads on facebook and youtube. With Conjonctive we have a little advantage as we are playing a mix of deathcore and black/death with female vocals. But we would like to do more in the future.

Are there any plans to release an LP anytime soon? Did you discuss that with your label? Small bands often don't profit from the vinyl craze because it's investment in the first place, right?

Yes sure, we already started to write new songs. But we need time and I think we will record our next album in 2015. In the meanwhile we will release a new music video in March and in September we will be on tour across Europe. Concerning the vinyl, we didn't plan to release something like that. We are not big vinyl fans and it costs a lot to get such an object. But maybe one day, who knows?