You come from Arizona and I wonder what is it like being a musician there?! Isn't it hard to get a following in that state?

Bobby: Yep, we're from the dirty desert of Arizona! Being a musician here is totally cool. We're in between two great states (California and Texas) so we're pretty set on some great tours! Lots of great bands out here, lots of cool's definitely a tough place to play sometimes, but we do our best and we have fun.

Could you briefly summarize your history? Who's in the band, when did you start playing, what records did you release and is it really true that you are all brothers?

Bobby: Alright, so we got Jimmy on bass, Davey on drums and me, Bobby, on guitar. It's definitely true that we're all brothers! This ain't no gimmick, dear readers. We're the real deal! But that aside, we started playing about five years ago. Jimmy came to me and said, "Hey, you wanna start a band that sounded like all the bands we're into?" At the time, we were both doing other stuff in other bands, but none had that evil punch we were looking for. So why not start our own band? We quickly recruited Davey and that was that. We spent a few years playing anywhere we could, released an EP called "Midnight Spookshow," then a while later we released our first album, "13 Halloweens," and then 2 years ago we put out "The Traveling Vampire Show."

You seem to be interested in horror movies, what do you like about them?

Bobby: The element of weirdness! I'm really into the horror films that suck you in and creep you out. Anything with really cool, gorey special effects is really cool. I'm a total anti-CGI kinda dude, so awesome movies like "American Werewolf in London," "Demons" and "From Beyond," with all of their latex, corn-syrup glory, are definitely my favorites! And really, it's just all around fun to be scared and to be welcomed into the cinematic dark side for an hour and half.

Do you collect movies and which is your favourite one? What format do you prefer VHS or DVD?

Bobby: Of course! I started buying VHS when I was a kid, but since have moved on to DVD. Sucked into technology, man. But it's totally great. Any way to see a movie is a-okay with me. It does seem like old horror films on VHS had the coolest covers, though, but what can ya do? As far as my favorite horror flick...I'd probably just have to go with Dead Alive. One of the first, over the top splatter fests I've seen, and it's stuck with me since!

Are there any plans of directing a horror movie one day or making a comic like COHEED AND CAMBRIA have done a while ago?

Bobby: We've always wanted to get our own comic book out, which may actually be a reality! Still working out the kinks, but it would be a lot of fun. As for directing horror movies? Of course we'd love to! Not saying any one of us actually knows how to direct, fund, cast and create an actual, legitimate movie...but hey, one step at a time!

You seem to be a band that produces a lot of merch. Do you think it has become more important for bands to offer products besides their music or why do you print so many shirts and produce that many patches?

Bobby: It's definitely something we're really into, as you can tell! We're all into comics and art and weird imagery, so it's just really cool to have artists from around the world be apart of our rock and roll universe. Music should definitely be first, but merch is always good to have when CD's cease to exist and you can't download a t-shirt! But seriously, it's a good thing to have when you're in a band. Plus, a lot of our favorite bands are super visual (White Zombie, Man or Astroman?, etc.) and we kinda take that mentality, too.

How come you are featured in Guitar World? Was it a surprise for you?

Bobby: We got picked to feature in a Hot Picks advertisement a while back in Guitar World, which was definitely rad!

Horrorpunk seems to have a huge revival, bands like BALZAC, THE CRIMSON GHOSTS, THE HORRORPOPS, AFI and REZUREX show that people need something a little more challenging to listen to. Do you think the horror aspect is popular again because being a rebel has become pretty difficult?

Bobby: Yeah, it's tough to be the loner these days. But I think dark music and the culture that comes with it is always thriving, and always going to be around. I think a lot people are attracted to the darker side of life, so it's no surprise to see these kinds of bands around. Sure, it's popularity comes and goes in cycles, but there's always gonna be the outcasts, the nerds and weirdos that want something more in their music, something to really grab onto. Hopefully horrorpunk/horror rock/evil music will stick around for a while!

Your current album was released in January 2007 are you already working on new material and is there anything you can talk about yet?

Bobby: Yeah, we're writing songs! So far so good. We have a good batch of tunes we're really excited about. The only thing I'll mention is that, yes, the new songs will blow your mind and YES, the new album will melt your face. Get ready!

What would you respond if someone said that horrorpunk is a stupid movement because it doesn't take a political stand and never tells people to take action?

Bobby: I think that's pretty ridiculous. A lot of bands wanna go the political route, but that doesn't mean that bands who are having fun, rocking out and inspiring people with their own creativity are worthless. Hell, a lot of darker bands use metaphors for the shit that's happening in the world. You don't always have to come right out and say it!

Would you say that all the members in the band get along because the have similar ideas or is there one leader of the pack who makes sure everybody shows up at practice?

Bobby: Yeah, we're pretty good for the most part. But that doesn't mean a brotherly fued doesn't happen every now and again!

Thomas Eberhardt