It's been five years since your last album, did you put the band on hiatus? What were your reasons to take such a long break and why did you decide to record another album and play shows again?

We never took a break,weve played shows in different areas and we have an other band called Angel-crew who did a new record and we took time to promote that record.Backfire was never gone!There was no real pressure from our old record label so we were a bit lame with the recording of new shit.

Most of you must be beyond thirty years old, do you think your current topics differ from the bands whose members are in their early twenties?

Our lyrics are very personal so I think everone and nobody can relate too our topics.But if I look at ourselfs,our lyrics are way different than they were when we were in our twenties.Different things seem important when you get older.

In "Harm's Way" is a devastating album and at the same time its uplifting for the listener because you always motivate people to carry on instead of only mentioning what's going wrong. Did you try to write a positive record?

Thank you.Yes we did,if you look at most of the lyrics they are very depressing but there is always a message or answer or just hope in there somewhere.I think its easy to scream how fucked up everthing is and not talk about a way to look at it differently or find solutions.But we have been to a very difficult phase in our lives and a lot of bad things happend to us. We are still learning.

There are some guests on this record. Dries from THE SETUP for example. Do people bring their own ideas to the studio or do you present them how you think the song should sound?

Of course we are open for any new ideas from those guys but he tried it our way and it worked perfectly for us.We are very happy that Dries and Stephan joined us on this album they are two of the hardest singers in de euro scene and it turned out great.

Maastricht has told the coffeeshop owners to sell their pot closer to the border. Has life become more convenient for the citizens of Maastricht, has the drug tourism decreased?

Yes it has,it's crazy here these days,there are like 500 drugrunners working in Maastricht everyday and they make over 250 million euro each year all together.They are violent and reckless.It's a real problem and I hope it's geting solved soon. We are sick of those scumbags running around, killing people and making the city a fucked up place.I hope there will be an army to wipe them out and then Im gonna volunteer! They have no respect for anybody. Our guitarplayer smacked the shit out of them last week.

It's been a few years but you've been on tour with WARZONE many years ago. Raybeez died some years ago and your former drummer is commited suicide. Did you change your life after that incidents?

In a way I did. In the begining it was unreal, but the fact that time heals all wounds is true. We think about Richard a lot and Raybeez too.

It was an honour that I could spend so much time with these guys and rock the stage together. They are in a better place now I hope!

Early in your career you had a contract with Lost&Found which treated many bands poorly. Did it take a while to "recover" from being a Lost& Found band?

People who didnt like us because we were on L&F records will still not like us I guess.It was our first label and yes they fucked us, we were naive and it takes lessons to grow. It was a hard lesson but it helped us as well.We are done with it, no more hard feelings, but I still want to talk to those freaks one day ;)

There's a Walt Whitman quote you used for the record. Could you say why you chose it and what it means to you?

Its like I said before it's a positive message, and its true. Im don't like the dark negativity that most bands preach these days.I don't think there is no more hope, or no reason to do anything.I think that sentence fits the album perfectly.

You played at With Full Force. Is it something special to play a big festival and what`s always on your catering list?

That festival was great, it's one of the best festivals in Europe, great sound great crowd, great organisation.I really hope to play there again next year. But we have some great festivals lined up for us this year as well. Red wine and Wodka are the two things that are ALWAYS on our list!Thanks for the attention and check out our tourlist this year, hope to see you all somewhere in Germany. Wyb Backfire!

Thomas Eberhardt