When did you start playing together as a band and how long have you been working on "Danza Macabra"?

A.Burdisso: We're all in the music scene since the 90's, and we are long time friends too. We had several musical projects, some of them together and some other with different musicians, and at some point we decided to have some fun and started a Black Sabbath tribute band, in 2013, just for the pleasure of jamming together without any pressure, only fun, and it went on like that for some time. But we all love to compose original riffs and music, plus the chemistry between us is and has always been incredible, so we just couldn't help starting to compose our own stuff, and it sounded so damn good… this is how ARCANA 13 project saw the light in the dark, and this is exactly what we wanted to do. We recorded the album at Studio 73 in our hometown Ravenna, Italy with the help of producer/sound engineer Riccardo Pasini; the songs were created in a unique composition process, playing and jamming along with the visuals on screen, in our rehearsal place, and it took more or less 2 years, not being in a hurry, then we just recorded in about 2 weeks.

Wasn't it an incredible act to prepare all the merch that goes along with the concept of the record, hire the right people and produce videos that match the concept? Did you get any help financially?

L.Taroni: Let's start from the videos. In the videos that we created (that we also use during our live shows), movies edits and music really go hand in hand, so we couldn't hire other people to do the job, we had to do it ourselves because,as i told you, music and visuals really fit together, and I'm talking about atmospheres, dynamics, pace… It's been a time consuming but extremely rewarding and incredible task. About the merch, well, Aural Music and his owner Emiliano Lanzoni loved this project from the very beginning and have always been #1 supporters, and Emiliano's ideas (and financial contribute:) ) have been fundamental in the merch and various formats production.

Who did you get in contact with as far as the legal aspects go, I mean you use plenty of titles borrowed from Italian films, wasn't it quite a hassle to make sure everybody was okay with you using excerpts of films for videos as well?

A.Burdisso: Our concept has developed as a tribute to these incredible movies and directors and all the Italian horror cult movies from the past; our music is heavily inspired by these masterpieces, I mean, we really conceived our songs and lyrics while watching these movies. Obviously our label knows better than me the legal details, anyway we are musicians, not directors, and Danza Macabra is an homage.

Enzo Sciotti did the artwork for many, many horror films and he also illustrated "Danza Macabra". Did you send him the music before the artwork was done?

S.Bertozzi: We still can't believe that it happened for real, since we were kids we were absolutely stoked by his posters and drawings, so when we started thinking about the artwork we tried, without many expectations, to get in touch with him, and guess what happened?! He suddenly answered and showed a genuine and strong excitement about this project, and immediately accepted to be part of it, but we didn't send him the music. We already had an idea of what the cover should portray, but we gave really few inputs to Enzo, he is the master, and we wanted him to be completely free to release his uncommon imagination. As soon as he sent us the first drawings our jaws were dropped to the floor… the final result you can admire yourself.

I'm wondering about how you manage to rehearse, doesn't Simone live in Scandinavia/Denmark if he plays in MNEMIC?

A.Burdisso: Oh, that would be an enormous problem, but luckily no, Simone lives in Italy in a small town about 35km from my home and MNEMIC are now disbanded. ARCANA 13 project couldn't live without having the chance of working and rehearsing together constantly.

Other members play in STONED MACHINE and VOID OF SLEEP …VOS are touring in a couple of days with Go Down Records band THREE EYES LEFT. Would you say that there is a lot of mutual support in the Italian scene?

A.Burdisso: well, i can say that there is a lot of mutual support between us, we all try to meet our commitments towards all our bandmates; actually only me and Simone are involved in other musical projects, but we usually don't tour for long periods, so there's room for all our project, and things fit together pretty well at the moment.

Your record is an occult masterpiece … any good books on the subject you can recommend?

A.Burdisso: i'm a passionate Freemasonry reader, the last book I liked a lot was "The Hiram Key", by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas which are two Masons and I'm actually interested in an ancient book called "The Enoch Book".

What can we expect from an ARCANA 13 liveshow and where does the name come from?

A.Burdisso: Well, live acts are the main purpose of ARCANA 13 project! We are working for make it memorable; it will be a kind of multi-sensorial experience, visual and music will melt together in a unique horror show… Each song will have his own movie/video edit, and I can't wait to receive the first feedbacks out there! Finding a proper name for our project wasn't easy, we wanted to keep it simple, short, recognisable and preferably an Italian name. So after throwing some ideas on the table, we came up with ARCANA 13, the thirteenth tarot, Death itself: you have to know that it's meaning is not necessarily negative nor creepy, as it also represent the end of a cycle and the beginning of a brand new one. Add that the band was born in 2013 and the work was done!

What are your aspirations with the band … don't tell me you have none because it's all so ambitioned …?!

A.Burdisso: We just want the people to know ARCANA 13, our music, our rather innovative project, and the incredible Italian directors and movies that we worship… we strongly believe that this project as a whole deserves to be listened to and watched; we want to bring our show to the biggest audience out there.

Top 5 of Italian horror films?

A.Burdisso: oh…only five is really tough… let's say: "Deep Red" and "Suspiria" by Dario Argento, "The Beyond" by Lucio Fulci, "Black Sunday" by Mario Bava and " The House of the Laughing Windows" by Pupi Avati.

Ever met Asia Argento?

A.Burdisso: No, that might be interesting, let's invite her to a gig and see what happens :)

Thomas Eberhardt